Little India Harris Park
Business Association Inc.

LIHPBA - Activities and Initiatives


Covid19 brought with it not just grave risk to people's health but lots of hardship as well. International students and casual works were hit the hardest. Out team at LIHPBA pooled their resources together and provided essential groceries to needy individuals on a daily basis. Our sincere thanks to minister Geoff Lee for his support in our initiative.


Living with Covid19 meant making massive lifestyle changes almost overnight. It was impossible to alter the way we work, shop and interact so quickly. As a small gesture, LIHPBA organised the design, print and installation of Covid Awareness posters at business shopfronts all over Harris Park.


An Informative Seminar organized by Multicultural NSW Team & LIHPBA was well attended by a large number of small businesses from Harris Park and Parramatta. A special thanks to Dr Jan Fizzell Senior Advisor NSW Health and Ms Thida and Ms Nickie from NSW Multicultural team for all the input and direction.

SUPPORTING i4give The Four Angels

Little India Harris Park Business Association Inc.(LIHPBA) was a proud sponsor in support of i4Give The Four Angels at International Women's Day Celebrations! Powerful Empowered Women Community welcomed Sanjay Deshwal at the Powerful Empowered Women Association launch and IWD#2021 Night!